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See if you are listed on TRA

You can search online for a small fee of $23.80 or TRA will search on your behalf:

Do an Instant Search

Use the link below to do an instant search (credit card required):

Let TRA search for you

To do this, print out the Personal Disclosure, (see below) and complete your name and clearly sign giving us permission to do a search on your behalf. Also fill in as many fields as possible on the Application Form (see below) for accuracy in identification and privacy compliance. Attach a Driver's Licence or some kind of photo id, send all documents to TRA and you should receive a reply within 21 days.

Download TRA Personal Disclosure Form (PDF)

Download the TRA Personal Search Form (PDF)

If you cannot open PDF files, download Adobe Acrobat Reader available free from http://www.adobe.com.

What to do if you are listed

Contact the agent who listed you to discuss the nature of the listing. Once the problem giving rise to the listing is resolved the Agent will delist your name from their office and print a Delisting Certificate as proof of same. If you are unable to identify or contact the listing agent call TRA for assistance on 02 9363 9244. 

All search results and logins are monitored within an internal auditing system and are date-time stamped together with your IP address and account details. Any misuse of TRA facilities can be traced to your point of access origin and may lead to civil action or criminal prosecution for serious offences.

TRA will continue to do our utmost to abide by the current legislation relating to the Real Estate Industry. For information regarding the current legislation click on the link for information from the Department of Fair Trading regarding the new Residential Tenancies Act 2010 No 42 now effective as of the 1st of February 2011 (see link below):

Link to legislation

Residential Tenancies Act 2010 No 42