Financial Services

Trading Reference Australia (TRA) is comprehensive Database comprising information from all institutions for location of persons dealing with any institution. This service provides unlimited 24-hour 7-day access to TRA Internet searches.

All search results and logins are monitored within an internal auditing system and are date-time stamped together with your IP address and account details. Any misuse of the TRA facilities can be traced to your point of access origin and may lead to civil action or criminal prosecution for serious offences

The TRA Difference

The main difference between institutions such as Veda, Dunn & Bradstreet and TRA are that these institutions are Credit Reporting Agencies whilst TRA is not. Such Institutions can only be accessed by Finance Companies or Money Lenders when the applicant is requesting credit or upon the Credit Provider listing a default. TRA can be accessed at all times, as many times needed by all industry and view entire histories. TRA provides quality, in depth information whilst maintaining appropriate consideration of an individuals personal information.

For Considerations on Recoveries

It should be noted that in any organisation up to 20 percent of your data on customer addresses is incorrect. This is an enormous cost to the organisation in the ability to locate the customer prior to a further deterioration of the customer account; Trading Reference Australia can assist in this area.

How to Join TRA?

This account is not available for registration or renewal over the Internet, please get in touch.