Services for Property Management

Why Join TRA?

  • TRA includes an Online Tenancy Application (tApp), Problem Tenant Database, Inspection App and Document Storage.
  • TRA's proven integrity provides a more legally safe environment for our clients.
  • TRA automatically does a database search on all of your applications, no more entering of data.
  • TRA collaborates with Property Managers streamlining all aspects of the product.
  • TRA has a Watch alert system for tracking absconded tenants.
  • TRA supplies documents to give prospective owners to assist in the acquisition of new managements.
  • TRA supplies Certificates of proof in the event of insurance or legal claims.
  • TRA can audit all activity in the event of misuse.

Free Online Application Available to All Property Managers (tApp)

Property Managers! Save time and have your tenants apply online! tApp allows your tenants to apply for properties online. It is not complicated and will save up to two months in time per year per Property Manager (an enormous amount of time in your ever busy schedule).

TRA can assist in the prevention of defaulters which means significant savings of financial losses amounting to thousands of dollars per year. Your involvement will substantially reduce your losses.

TRA Problem Tenants Database

TRA can help halve your rent arrears. Most people don’t want to be listed on a database which is accessed by Banks, Institutions, Real estate Agents, Commercial Agents etc.

TRA offers a referral service for debt collection. In the event a tenant vacates owing money TRA will refer the matter to a reputable licenced commercial agent who will proceed in recovering debt.

TRA is the most comprehensive of its kind within the business world and is used by many industries, including banks, insurance, finance and utility companies. TRA assists in the legal protection of property managers, principals, property owners and tenants and are specialists in the field of maintaining a database such as this.

All search results and logins are monitored within an internal auditing system and are date-time stamped together with your IP address and account details. Any misuse of the TRA facilities can be traced to your point of access origin and may lead to civil action or criminal prosecution for serious offences.

TRA will be vigilant in abiding by the current legislation relating to the Real Estate Industry and wherever possible will endeavour to provide a legally safe environment for all of our clients. Click on the link to the Department of Fair Trading below regarding the new Residential Tenancies Act 2010 No 42 effective as of the 28th September 2020.

NSW Legislation links:  

Residential Tenancies Act 2010 No 42
Residential Tenancies Regulation 2019