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We have produced a range of digital products for the Real Estate and Finance Industries:


Online Application

tApp is a service for Property Managers that allows them to receive rental applications online through a branded application form. This service has been proven to save property managers up to two months per year, freeing them up to spend more time managing properties, not paperwork.

All applications are reviewed together, emails are sent out to successful and unsuccessful tenants and it even integrates with desktop real estate software and utility companies.

Other features include:

  • A TRA Tenancy Search is done automatically on every tenant that applies via tApp and a certificate is generated as proof.
  • The application and all attachments are combined into a single PDF to enable printing or viewing everything together rather than individually.
  • TRA generates customised emails on your behalf displaying your Logo.
  • No more having to call back the unsuccessful tenants, we send out courteous emails to all.
  • Automated Previous Rental, Employer and Accountant References.
  • Tenant Document storage.
  • Property Inspection Application (see below).
  • QR Codes for Agency Online Application and Tenants at Open for Inspections.
  • Graphs to show where tenants see properties advertised.
  • Extract tenancy data for your office database i.e. leads for the sales team.
  • Generate an appropriate state's lease agreement (i.e. NSW, VIC, QLD).
  • Inspect Real Estate‚Äôs App Tracker integration.
  • Send leads automatically to utility brokers.


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Tenancy Database

The TRA tenancy database relates to residential and commercial rental information and is the most comprehensive database of its kind in Australia.

It allows searching and listing of problem tenants and enables contact with other members for the purpose of discussing and assessing a person's rental history.

Other features include:

  • A TRA Tenancy Search is done automatically on every tenant that applies via tApp and a certificate is generated as proof. This Certificate is helpful if proof the search was done is needed for the owner in the future.
  • A Manual Search is still available to those still doing paper applications.
  • The Search Certificate is helpful if proof is needed for the owner.
  • Current legislation requires notification to the tenant in writing if a match is returned. We have automated this process which provides a copy of the notification and listing to give the tenant and simultaneously transfers a copy into the tenants documents attached to their application for referral if needs be in the future.
  • Listed tenants are monitored on our Watch Service. This notifies the listing agent of the tenants phone and current address providing an opportunity to retrieve monies owed to the Owner.


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Open for Inspection

The tApp Open for Inspection app allows you to collect details of tenants at open for inspections and automatically send out a tApp application form for them to apply.

Other features include:

  • QR Code for both Agency Online Applications and Tenants details to be uploaded seamlessly.
  • The Property Manager can send an email to all tenants thanking them for inspecting the property and provides a link to the Agency's Online Tenancy Application.
  • It builds a database of tenants for that particular property which can be extracted for the Agency's use.


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