The TRA Story

TRA, Trading Reference Australia formerly Tenant Reference Australia started a database of tenants in 1991 when high profile credit reporting services became less accessible. The business was purchased by Gai Williams in 1995 and developed into a successful tool for the Real Estate Industry to assist in the selection of tenants for their owners. In 2001 the name was changed to Trading Reference Australia (TRA) to encompass the other businesses who are members ie Banks, Insurance and finance companies. However, TRA still maintains the name Tenant Reference Australia for the Real Estate arm of the business. TRA launched another product in 2010 which supplies a free online application form for tenants that can be re-used with any real estate agent around Australia, This streamlines the application process for both tenants and Property Managers saving an enormous amount of time.

TRA is the most comprehensive database of its kind within the business world and assists in the legal protection of property managers, principals, property owners and tenants and has established a high degree of integrity and trust with our clients by listening and catering to the needs of our members. TRA believes in managing individuals with courtesy and encourages our members to do likewise, therefore our organisation achieves a very high level of cooperation with all of our clients whether they are Applicants or Agencies